Friday, August 21, 2009


I had a dreaded dentist appointment this morning. The dentist (my new one) numbed my mouth, then did a thorough scraping/cleaning. After that she left me for about 10 or 15 minutes to go work on someone else. That reminded me of Dr. Elliot. He used to numb us and then leave us to let the Novocaine wear off. This Novocaine didn't wear off. When she came back she did some drilling and filled cavities (those darn faulty dental genes....).

After the appt. Steve and I headed for home. We live about 30 minutes away...and I needed to use the "facilities" in a bad we stopped at Target. Before I got out of the van I looked in the mirror to see if I had anything on my face - and then I ran my tongue along my teeth. I noticed that the hygienist had left one of those cotton rolls between my gums and my teeth - since I was so numb I hadn't noticed. Steve and I both agreed that we wouldn't want our new dentist to do surgery on us - she might leave something behind.

At Target I got some Junior Mints because I was starving and you don't have to chew Junior Mints....and this all ties together in this clip....


Keira said...

I feel for you. We DO have faulty teeth...I'd like to blame Dr. Elliot though.

BeeGee Babe said...

I mentioned Dr Mengela (aka Elliot) to someone and they asked who Dr Mengela was - I don't want to know what they aren't teaching in schools!

We are in the shallow end of the gene pool for good teeth. Did anyone get good teeth?