Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you`re still doing well. I would have emailed last week but we couldn`t email at the regular place last week and I didn`t want to go hunting for a different spot... I let the other Elders do that so I didn`t have to go searching for a decent place.These past two weeks have been pretty good. Though they`ve passed pretty quickly. This transfer is almost halfway over already, it really is going fast.

Let`s see if I can remember what happened since two weeks ago. We had zone conference a week and a half ago. We`re focusing on language study more as a mission now. Not so much spending more time on it, we still only study language 30 minutes in the morning. But making sure everyone is using their time effectively and practicing outside of language study time. The main points of it are reading 1 page out of the Japanese Book of Mormon out loud daily, 2-3 for older missionaries. Studying one kanji a day in order to read the Book of Mormon more fluently. Practicing speaking Japanese with your companion. And studying grammar. I`m doing alright on those at the moment, hopefully I can keep it up. The other focuses of conference were teaching skills and inviting people to church.

Besides that we`ve been doing a lot of walking. My bike got hit by another bike and the back wheel is bent out of shape. We carried the bike home and have been walking since, every once in a while we take the train when we need to. I should get a used back wheel from the Mission Office tomorrow.

Nobody`s been asking questions recently so I`m out of stuff to write about I think.

Elder Andrew West


BeeGee Babe said...

Poor guy! There always seem to bike problems!

crashhanna said...

It's either bike or cockroaches...