Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ward Potluck

I have a philosophy about church potluck dinners.

It's this: Take at least twice as much food as you think your family will eat. If you can afford to, take even more.  Profound, right?

Our ward has been having after church potlucks fairly regularly for the past several months. At least once every month or two.  It's been a bit of a challenge for me to figure out what to take.  It's not like we live close enough to run home and get the food - we live about 15 minutes from church (that's a 30 minute round trip). This month I decided to make mini cupcakes and pulled pork.  They both worked out great and I think my new favorite dessert to take is going to be mini cupcakes.  I only used one cake mix and two tubs of frosting (and a cup or two of lemon filling) - and I had 75 mini cupcakes.  That's way more servings than one 9x13 pan of cake provides and not that much more work.

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Mad Runner said...

I make things my kids will eat and have them hurry to get that before it is gone. The mini cupcakes are super cute!