Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hola from Elder West

On the fourth of July we didn´t do anything special. However, on Saturday the second we did have a special fireside. We sang some patriotic songs such as Yankee Doodle, Yankee Doodle Dandy (whose lyrics are most certainly not appropriate for us missionaries), America the Beautiful, and so on. The speaker was somebody who has served as an advisor to three presidents or something and is also a branch president here at the MTC. Afterwards we got to watch a cool fireworks show put on by a nearby stadium (IIRC, the Lavell Edwards Stadium), and we also got some ice cream to go with it. A side effect of this is that everybody in the MTC ended up staying up well past 10:30, but whatever.
Also, for the fireside on Sunday a violinist by the name of Jenny Oaks Baker came by and preformed quite a few wonderful songs, interspersed with stories from her musical career as they relate to the gospel. Apparently she has recorded multiple albums of church or religious music, so when I get on the mission field and can actually listen to music, I wouldn't mind getting one of her CDs or something. Anyways, at the end she had her daughters (all under 10) preform I Am a Child of God. Absolutely adorable. Also, since I was ushering, the seats reserved for us happened to be right behind them. Afterwards somebody in my district managed to snag an autograph from one of them (lucky). (Also of note: the lady's husband served in the Japan Kobe Mission (ages before Andrew, though).)
Spanish is coming along. I can kinda hold a decent "get-to-know" you conversation in Spanish, but when it comes to teaching the lessons I tend to freeze up when not reading from a script. I think that might be something I need to work on. According to the timer I have three minutes left, but I don't know what to say so

Hasta la vista,
Elder West

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