Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Sister....Ever!

Sorry Marcy, Sherri, Suzanne, Keira, Cindy, Lisa, Lynn, Paula, Sara, Angie, Becky, etc...Tia wins.

Way back, in like, February (possibly January...), I asked Tia if she would like to come to stake Girls Camp with me and help me cook.  With absolutely no hesitation she signed on. Sweet!  Then there was a bit of a glitch when I was told that she couldn't come because she isn't in our stake. I was sad (and a wee bit grumpy), but I insisted that I HAD to have an assistant. HAD. TO. There was no way I could manage all of the food/cooking for Girls Camp on my own.

A few weeks later I got a call...and we were back on (evidently there are not all that many people willing to volunteer to help out at Girls Camp...go figure).

Tang: Beverage of Astronauts!
Tia was the awesomest minion EVER in the history of minions...although in reality she isn't the least bit minion-like (she's more a see the hill, take the hill sort).  We pretty much worked non-stop from around 5am to 8pm and then fell into our sleeping bags (before dark!). As far as we know, no one got sick OR went hungry on our watch...and we got a ton of compliments on our menu/cooking.  Which is pretty funny because much of what we did involved complicated stuff like using can openers and tearing open plastic bags.  We were even complimented on serving Fruit Loops for breakfast. Weird.

Speaking of weird...take a gander at the antiquated chest freezer from he**.  Tia and I are pretty sure it served as a place to store bodies (possibly for the mob)...before being donated to a Ensign Ranch to atone for its past sins.

The Dead Man's Chest (Freezer).


Suzanne said...

Is that Tia falling in the freezer?!

We all knew she'd be favorite when she said yes. You had me at hello.

Debbie said...

Yes, that's Tia...if she doesn't make it to your house by tomorrow night you'll know where she the Dead Man's Chest (Freezer)!

Keira said...

I miss Tia.

T Harrington said...

It was super fun!.. and exhausting, but I would sign on as your minon again anytime.

OKTownsends said...

How come your stake goes to Ensign Ranch? My daughter just got back from Cascade Park today. We are officially moving here in a month so I will call you. It is time for another reunion lunch!

Betty Debbie said...

Cascade Park is in our stake - it's only about 2 miles from where we go to church - that's probably why we never go to stake girls camp there - it's where practically every ward camp out, Father and Sons, 24th of July picnic, eagle project, youth conference, etc...happens.