Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

This past Monday we went to a stake Undokai it means exercise meeting literally but it`s a sports activity. It was fun they had a bunch of games and races. The weather was really good as well.

Oh yeah, there was also a harvest festival thing. They call it Danjiri, some people from the neighborhoods go around in a portable shrine looking [for/at?]things and chant/sing stuff. I heard one that was practicing in front of our apartment singing some Japanese song that went to the tune of `Yankee Doodle` and after that `I`ve been working on the railroad` It made me smile. It`s interesting to watch for a bit, but not fun for traffic.

There`s really not much to write this week. Please take care.

Elder West.

PS. I`m thinking of sending a Christmas package sometime but have no idea what to send. Please tell me what you`d like me to send.

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