Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Man in Japan

Dear family and friends,

I came to do email this week since I probably won`t be able to next week. But there`s really not much for me to write this week.

We had district meeting again on Wednesday. We normally have a district meeting once a week, except for zone conference week and transfer week. This time we focused on using the Book of Mormon in all of our contacts. I also encouraged the Japanese elders to pray in English once a day. They`re doing pretty good with that so far.

We also set a baptismal date with an investigator for October 18. Things are going well for that so far. We only first met him September 22. He plays in a band at some other Christian church but we he came to church yesterday and committed to come every week.

Indian Nan and curry recipe?

I experimented with making different smoothies over this past week and discovered that just ice, milk, a little sugar, and vanilla make a good smoothie. (I had already used all my other smoothie making ingredients).

I mailed a couple pictures but as soon as I have access to a decent computer again I plan on copying my whole SD card and mailing it. I have 700 pictures but not a whole lot that I`m in... It`s a lot easier for me to take a picture than to have my companion take a picture of me.

I heard that a new temple was announced for Sapporo, Japan. That`s pretty much at the opposite side of Japan from here. The members here are a little disappointed because they were hoping for one here. But they can get to the Tokyo temple by train or car. The people up in Sapporo have to fly to get to the temple, it costs about $400 round trip per person I think. It makes me a little more appreciative of there being a temple an hour away from home.

Random fact: Most Japanese people have probably never eaten turkey. And ovens that can fit turkeys in them are pretty rare.


Elder West

PS Happy Birthday Mom. (I probably won`t be able to email next week)

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