Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Argh, maybe.

This is my effort at pumpkin carving this year. Not too bad considering what I had to work with.

Here's what I had to work with:

  • a slightly undersized, under ripe pumpkin (it was the biggest homegrown one we had left - I wasn't about to waste valuable bunker money on something as ephemeral as a carved pumpkin)
  • a bum left wrist.
  • a burned right thumb.
  • I forgot to put on my glasses, so I had to squint at the pumpkin the whole time I was carving it...come to think of it, I probably did look slightly pirate-ish.
  • I carved it while Danny rewrote his History essay...the one he had just about finished (all but the bibliography)...before the computer died.

If I had had a larger pumpkin, I definitely would have tried something with more scope...possibly Star Wars related. I've been know to carve a mean Darth Vadar.


Suzanne said...

We had really small pumpkins this year..we went with really small pictures. Michael had the biggest pumpkin, but the picture (vampire leaning over lady) is really tough to make out.

The weather has turned bad and I'm ready to chuck our pumpkins.

Linda and Emily Hess said...

I love it, Sister West!

Don and Annette Jones said...

What an awesome pumpkin! You are so talented! We haven't carved ours yet. Mitchell carved one he got from school on Sunday for the pumpkin walk on Monday - it was a spook with bat (carved from a pattern from a book).

Keira said...

I think you can chalk this up to physical therapy...