Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moving Picture

Stephanie and Cory left Marysville last Monday. Their trip to South Carolina ended today! Here's a little of what I know - I hope that Stephanie will get a chance in the next week or two to fill in more of the story, but I'm pretty sure they'll be busy moving in and getting settled.
  • Monday: left our house at 5:50am. Arrived at Mountain Home AFB in time for dinner.
  • Tuesday: I know they drove to SLC...visited Temple Square and then spent a little while at Aunt Debbie's house - so they could visit with her and Grandma Erminie (see picture). Spent the night at Hill AFB.
  • Wednesday: Drove through Wyoming then down to Colorado where they spent the night at Aunt Suzanne's house.
  • Thursday: Some snow and ice on the road in Colorado...but they made it to Wichita, Kansas that night.
  • Friday: Wichita to Little Rock. Noticed that all the good roads were toll roads.
  • Saturday: Little Rock to Atlanta. Noticed that rest stops are perhaps not as common as would be appreciated.
  • Sunday: Atlanta to Charleston.

The final stretch wasn't too long of a stretch - they made it from Atlanta to Charleston by about 1:30pm - just a little too late for church. They had entered their new house address as "home" on their GPS - so they swung by there before heading over to Charleston AFB - where they will be staying for the next 2 nights - until they close on the new house. The Elder's Quorum of their new ward has been alerted to the move in - so that should go really fast. Stephanie and Cory were brutal about getting rid of stuff when they were packing up their old house - so they only have one POD to empty.


OKTownsends said...

Did they drive through Tulsa? You'd be taking back roads if you were avoiding toll roads out here. I'm glad to hear they made it, what fun, driving across the country with four kids.

crashhanna said...

Yeah, they went through Tulsa - that's just a few miles from your place,isn't it?

OKTownsends said...

Yeah, we live just outside Tulsa, across the river. Lonny works in downtown Tulsa. I am trying to remember what the weather was like Wed. Definitely not snowy, but it could have been a raining downpour.