Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nothing Ventured...

I have to say, I wouldn't make a great photo journalist.  Being on hand to take pictures of EVERY step in a project - hoping for some great ones.

Frankly, sitting around taking pictures every few minutes isn't very appealing to me.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday working only a few feet away from Steve.  He was in Ogre's Relish, I was just outside...weeding.  Much was accomplished by both of us.

Steve's new favorite tool.
One ceiling panel was removed (water damage).
This is the corner that had the most water damage/dry rot. We've been lucky to have had a couple of days with a lot of rain - it really helped us see where water was coming in. The next job will be to remove the damaged boards and replace them.
We've already purchased the new boards, insulation and paneling.


Tia Harrington said...

What is the tool? It looks like an undercut saw, but I can't be sure. She looks pretty sound to me. I love how you take a torrential downpour and turn it into a blessing :)

Debbie said...

I got him the tool for Christmas a couple of years ago - it's from Harbor Freight. It's called a "Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool". Pretty sure I got it on sale for around $15.

m_perfect said...

Why do the words "dry rot" and "Ogre's Relish" sound so sympatico?!