Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Artistically, Elder West

To Whom it May Concern.
Planner covers are kind of a thing in this mission. Usually people opt for destroying Ensigns in order to decorate their planners. That's what I usually do as well. However, for some reason I have developed some sort of reputation among my comrades as an artist. Thus, I have been commissioned by them to produce some fabulous artwork for their planners (during lunchtime hours and such).
I made this one back in May for Elder Rae-Bayer. He said something like "I want you to draw me a picture of me flying on my green dinosaur plushie preaching the gospel to women."
Title: "Hark All Ye Nations"

After I made this one I decided that I should buy some color pencils instead of using my scripture marking crayons.
I made this one for Elder Larsen. The left side is self explanatory. The other side I sketched up while waiting for a missionary in a dentist's office.
Title: "Elder Wayne"

This was for Elder Lambourne. He gave me complete creative control, and this is what he got. If you overthink about the picture, you might realize that this picture is actually a subtle jab towards the false doctrine of creatio ex nihlo.
Title: "The Lambirth" (duh)

This was for Elder Jenson. He and I were talking one time about how there isn't a lot of hardcore LDS artwork, and then I shared with him an idea I had for something based off of Moroni chapter 9. He was like "That sounds sweet. You should do it." So I did.
Title: "The Tower of Sherrizah"
And this one I have in my pocket this very moment. I made it back in May a couple weeks after Elder Rae-Bayer's planner, which is why the girl looks kind of similar ("Recycle, re-palette, and... done!"). I kind of regret making her a redhead though, since there's a redheaded sister in our zone. She might take it the wrong way if she sees it.
Title: "Tree of Life" 

That's all folks!
Elder West


m_perfect said...

I had no idea!
What an artistic guy!Well done!

Mad Runner said...

How to keep Elder West easily amused. Pencil and paper. Worked when he was 2 works now.

Tia Harrington said...

Love them all! He is just so much fun!