Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Curtains for My Sitting Room

One of the nice things about Ogre's Relish is the amount of window acreage.  There are 7 windows in it. Seven.  They let in lots of light. Yay! You can enjoy the scenery of the great outdoors from pretty much anywhere in it. Yay!


They also are all pretty much at eye level for anyone walking past, so privacy could be a bit of an issue.  Especially at night.

Remember when I said that there are 7 windows.  Yeah.  That's seven windows in need of window coverings.

Yesterday I went to all three fabric stores in town, in search of curtain fabric.  I came home without any.  I had a couple of samples, but I wasn't in love with either of them - especially when it looked like it was going to run me at least $50.  That's more money than I really want to spend on curtains. So today I headed out again.

My plan was simple, check out Walmart...our little town (as of today) has 3 Walmarts.  Three.  Okay, technically at least one of them isn't in "town", but it's less than 5 miles from my house.


I ended up buying 2 60x102 tablecloths.  That makes nearly 6 yards of wide fabric - for a grand total of...drumroll...$28.  I'll even have some left over to make a tablecloth.

The only curtain rod that was still up was the long one in front - so I put two sets of curtains there for show.  I plan on making a different set for the front wherein the plaid matches in the middle.  These two sets will go on a couple of the side windows.

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m_perfect said...

I like your taste and 1 of your BDP's will just go!