Monday, January 30, 2012

Hola Elder

Hola Familia,

So I'm back in the mission, and things are going pretty well. They put
me into a trio. My companions are Elder George and Elder Teng. Elder
George is from Florida and has been out in the field for 6 or 7 months
I think. He's really good. Elder Teng (pronounced "Tang") is waiting
for his visa to go to Taiwan. He grew up in Washington, but he learned
how to speak Mandrian from his parents. He's also really cool. The
funny thing is that before transfers this last Tuesday the
companionship used to be a trio (the third elder got sent off to
Compton). It's kinda of funny that I arrive just in time to fill in
the vacancy. I kind of feel like a "third wheel" to this companionship
right now, but I'm getting used to things pretty quick and my
companions feel rather motivated to get me talking.

Our companionship covers two wards in the area: an English-speaking
family ward (Cypress 2nd) and the Singles Ward (covers the whole
stake). Compared to my last area, that's like a quarter of the elders
per ward. Between these two wards, we have way more than enough stuff
to do (or rather, nowhere near enough time to do the stuff we need
to). Also, going to 6+ hours of church meetings on Sunday feels very
bizarre, scheduling-wise.

I have my tennis shoes (thanks for asking), but I think I forgot my
coat. If you could check (I think it's still in the entryway) that
would be nice.

Speaking of coats, the weather here has been weird. Supposedly this is
supposed to be the rainy season, but since I've arrived the weather
has been sunny and in the 70s. It's the middle of January and it feels
warmer than when I left in mid-October (when I was in the
supposedly-hottest area of the mission). I mean, it feels just like
summer (except that summer here is warmer than summer back home, but
you get my point).

Elder West

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