Thursday, January 19, 2012

Closet Clean-Up

I drove down to IKEA on my own last Friday - specifically for this shoe cabinet
I had a little trouble finding it - it was in the IKEA aisle equivelant of Platform 9&3/4.
We already had the mirror up (also purchased from IKEA).

I love how many shoes it tidies up out of sight.  My pull-out holds 11 pairs of shoes!
Steve can only get about 6 of his larger shoes in his pull-out - but that's more than enough room for him. closet is clean and organized and my bedroom is done (except, perhaps for new bedding?). I need to sort out one or two things in the bathroom and then our 'master suite' will be done! 


OKTownsends said...

Now I know where you keep your money.

Debbie said...

Yep. That's the old retirement fund right there!