Friday, October 14, 2011

Untidy little secrets...

Surely I'm not the only one who does this? I have between 20 - 30 recipes haphazardly taped up on the inside of my cupboard doors.  I use some of them quite often - but I just noticed that there are several that have been up for years (yes, years) that I've never made.  Will I ever?  Hmm. At this point, probably not.

Cookie recipes, pasta, soups, and a very yummy looking
carrot cake recipe (that I've never made...)

My most frequently used bread recipes - right above my bread maker. 
Oh yeah, also the recipe for pizza egg rolls.

Cheese puffs (savory cream puffs), crepes, pumpkin pancakes, beanland soup, cake mix cookies,
fresh blueberry cake, and a couple more unused recipes.
What I should do is take all these recipes down, type them up on the computer and then print them up - all nice and neat.  That's what I should do...will I?  Stay tuned.


Mad Runner said...

I want to scan in my recipes and sort them but I haven't found a program I like yet. I have looked at about 7 but they aren't quite what I need. If you find one let me know!

Debbie said...

I actually took all those recipes down and just typed them up. Some of them I already had in my computer, so it was a simple cut and paste - but most of them I had to type up (I simplified them greatly - since I mostly just needed the list of ingredients and time and temperature.