Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank you, Keira.

When Keira posted a picture of this month's art project, I knew I wanted it. Nay, had to have it. It was something along the lines of a moral imperative. With a husband whose business is airplanes, I knew he would love it too.

I owe many thanks to Keira for helping me in a major way. At every step I was sure I had ruined it. Sure. I. Had. Ruined. It. I might have quit if it hadn't been for her encouragement
It'll be fine, I promise, it'll be fine (repeated about a million times).

The original instructions from The Cre8tive Outlet were somewhat helpful - but I think it was even more helpful that Keira had actually made one already and I was able to profit from her mistakes. 

Eight feet of awesomeness.


Samurai Mom said...

LOVE it. Maybe more than Keira's, maybe not.

Keira said...

I love it. I want to see if we can perfect this process (less work, fewer panics...etc)

Stephanie said...

Way to fly.

T Harrington said...

AWESOME in more ways than one!