Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Shared Office. Part 1

 When Alex left home in January to go to college, Danny felt lonesome downstairs all by himself.  I grudgingly offered him my office upstairs. I could have just taken over his room downstairs...and moved all my crap stuff, lock stock and barrel.  I just knew that I wouldn't want my computer/seminary junk stuff that far away - so I moved in with Steve (Danny and Alex had previously shared space with him).

Needless to say, the overall decor was lacking...along with adequate lighting. I could make a list of all the faults - but since there would be about fifty bajillion things on it, let's just say it than ideal.

Now that it has new paint, new carpeting, new light fixture and new blinds, I sort of don't want to put anything back in it.  I have warned Steve that he doesn't get to bring back any crap non-essential items, such as his old college textbooks.

Practically every surface has a fresh coat of  paint,
except the top of the top shelf - after all, I can't see it.
Wall paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra - Chai Latte
Ceiling/Shelf paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra - Cotton Whisper
Ceiling fixture: Hampton Bay (Alabaster glass,semi-flush, nutmeg finish - from Home Depot)
Blinds: I'm too lazy to go downstairs and find the box - they were from Home Depot.
Carpet: Design Savvy - Aura  (Carpet Liquidators).


T Harrington said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhh! I love a freshly cleaned up space!

m_perfect said...

Very minimalist ;)