Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last Hoorah of Summer - Part IV

Danny's Favorite Day

Marcy drove up to Henry's Lake to meet us.  She overshot by about 10 miles, but luckily we had cell phone reception (as long as I didn't move...or breathe).  We all crowded into the red clown car and got ready to spend the day in two, count 'em, TWO, National Parks. Yellowstone and Grand Teton. 

Since we hadn't had much time in Yellowstone a couple of days before, it was nice to have a second chance.  Danny really wanted a second chance at the giant frozen yogurt cones at Old Faithful...but since we'd already been there, we gave it a miss.  We heard about it all day. 

I am still not convinced that the Tetons are 'all that'.  I was in Jackson Hole in May and August...and I never got to see the tops.  With two kids at BYU-I I'm thinking I may have more opportunities.  Marcy bought me the card that allegedly shows  the Tetons.  I'm still not convinced.

We eventually made our way down to Jackson Hole - we had a couple of hours or so to spend there while we were waiting for dinner time.  We spent the time browsing the art galleries with Marcy and the two boys.  I thought it would be horrible, but the boys were just fine.

And now we come to Danny's favorite activity of our whole vacation.  Bar-J Chuckwagon and more especially the Bar-J Wranglers.  We all enjoyed the music, but Danny REALLY enjoyed it.  He talked Steve into buying three CDs.  Three.  Guess what we listened to on the way home.  Go ahead, guess. 

It's a good thing the rest of us liked their music. 

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m_perfect said...

Dear Danny, It was my best day too!
Aunt Marcy