Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Hoorah of Summer - Part III

Wherein we drop off Andrew in Rexburg and I lose my wallet. Tuesday found us heading down to Rexburg to drop off Andrew and his possessions.  He was to stay with Nathan and Rebekah until he could move into his apartment on the 6th.  Fortunately for our limited space he hadn't overpacked as to personal items.
First stop. Nathan and Rebekah's.  Second stop. Deseret Industries. Third stop. Distribution Center. Fourth stop. Walmart. Fifth stop. Porter's - to take Marcy out to lunch.
We had a nice lunch across the street from Porter's.  And then I got a phone call from my friend Deann - she was calling me from Marysville to tell me that I had left my wallet at the Distribution Center.  A mutual friend had called her to try and find my cell-phone number.  Someone else had called's still somewhat of a mystery - but a fortuitous one.

More shopping, this time in Idaho Falls...then a final good-bye to Andrew, Nathan and Rebekah.

Next: Danny's Favorite Day.

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