Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Hoorah of Summer - Part II

Farewell Butte, Hello Wyoming.  Steve's sister Debbie lives in a tiny little town in North Central Wyoming.  Byron is about 45 miles east of Cody.  Since we spent the night in Butte, we lost one day of visiting.  Instead of getting to her house on Friday night, it was Saturday evening by the time we rolled in.  Steve's other sister, Becky was also visiting (she had caught a ride up from Utah with her son Ryan who was traveling in the area for work).  We had a lovely visit on Sunday, and then on Monday we headed to Yellowstone.  Debbie brought Becky, Steve's mom and we stuck Andrew in with them to ease our congestion. 

The drive to and through Yellowstone was lovely - we had never driven through the East Gate before.  Lots of wildlife was seen, especially bison.  We saw a lot of bison.
Here's a man there never lets an ice cream cone get the better of him.
Old Faithful was obliging and erupted for us twice...but I'm pretty sure Danny thought the ginormous frozen yogurt cones were even more fascinating.  Steve found them pretty fascinating himself.  The squirrels running around inside the lodge were fairly interesting too.  Just like rats, but cuter and friendlier.
After a chilly stroll around the boardwalks we went our separate ways...this time with Andrew in our car.  Luckily for us, Henry's Lake is only an hour or so from Old Faithful, so we just gritted our teeth and bore it.

Next: Wherein we drop off Andrew in Rexburg and I lose my wallet.

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BeeGee Babe said...

This is what I get for not talking to you all week ... entertained for hours wondering, "What next?".