Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Trip

Last week, Keira and I took a road trip to Idaho.  We stayed with Nathan and Rebekah (thank you very much) and crammed as much visiting with Marcy in as we could.  I wish I had been able to take a few more pictures, but my camera decided to quit working on Saturday morning.  Keira's camera lasted until Sunday afternoon - when it decided to go swimming in the headwaters of......well, that's her story - so I'll leave it for her to tell.

On Saturday we all (including Marcy's husdand Wynn), went over to Jackson Hole, Wyoming...where I proceeded to fall in love...with cowboy music.  We had dinner at the Bar J Chuckwagon - which has an incredibly fun show.  I'd like to go back with Steve when we're out there in August (yes, we'll be going back to Idaho in August).  Maybe Marcy and Wynn can come again too...I'll keep my eye out for a Dolly Parton wig for Marcy - I mean, if you've got to wear a wig at a cowboy show, a Dolly Parton style wouldn't be out of place.  Or maybe a cowboy hat?  Whaddya say, Marcy?

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