Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family,

It sounds like you're all doing well still. Things are going well here in Miki (The area I'm in right now). We're seeing a lot of success and it's really exciting.

Have you ever seen a popcorn vending machine? I hadn't until last week. Maybe if I go there again I'll get some popcorn.

This past week we've been pretty busy. Our schedule has been somewhat full, which I'm always happy about. We're still working with Lu, he's a great person. He struggles to communicate in Japanese but he's really able to understand and comprehend things well. He's a very thoughtful and nice guy.

I think next week's email will be a short one. We might head over to Osaka next week for preparation day. I might see about picking up some souvenirs if I see anything worth buying and bringing home. We'll see... let me know if there's anything you want. If not I'll probably end up just buying books.

Elder West

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