Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Hello there,

So as I was expecting last week I was transferred. I'm now in Miki, near Kobe. I've never been over in this part of the mission before. I love Shingu, but it feels great to be up here in Miki. It's not really urban, but compared to Shingu I think it is. It feels like there's a lot of people around to talk to and the weather has been great recently.

My new companion is Elder Toring. He's on his second transfer, from the Phillipines, 25 years old, and was working as a computer engineer (In Japan) before his mission. We're getting along well. I think we'll really be able to work well together.

I was innocently cleaning the very mildewy shower in Miki on my second day when the mirror that was on the wall fell and shattered. Fortunately I only got a small cut on my knee but it was very surprising. Does this mean I have 7 years bad luck?

Some person who the missionaries meet with here likes to print out every missionary's pictures for them. I don't think a missionary as far along as me has been here recently. He was very surprised to print out 42 pages of 24 pictures each. I guess I'll put them in a binder/folder in sheet protectors. It was very nice of him, it really uses a lot of ink.

Well that's all for this week. E-mail is for free and just a 3 minute bike ride from the apartment, so I'll be doing it every week unless there's a holiday.

Elder Andrew West.

PS I think I might start sending more pictures from now on. This email computer is really nice and fast, and since the email is now Gmail I can easily upload up to 25 MB of attachments.

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