Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Man in Japan

Dear Family and Friends,

How are all of you doing? I hope you all enjoyed General Conference. I'll be watching it this weekend in Japanese, it's not the fact that it's a little harder to understand that's disappointing as I like to hear their actual voices. The translation's top-notch but it's the translator's monotone voice instead of the actual speaker's voice.

As far as plumbing problems goes there haven't been any problems since last time. So Japan has a lot of different toilets. You have the traditional toilet in the floor, a raised version on the floor toilet, a normal toilet, and then normal toilets with features. The missionary apartments all have normal toilets as far as I know. Our current one in Shingu has a heated toilet seat.

Transfer calls came last week and I'm spending another 6 weeks here in Shingu.

I'm living in a city in the middle of nowhere right now so I don't have access to big music shops right now for the most part. I'll probably be transferred back towards the center of the mission again before going home. To be honest if I transfer anywhere it'll be closer than where I am now I think.

The mission boundaries changing isn't going to effect my release date. It's still the weekend of August 6-8. I imagine I'll leave Japan on August 7 and arrive in Washington on August 7th (Time zone changes) though I don't have my flight plans yet that's around when I'll be getting home so you can plan vacations without worrying.


Elder Andrew West

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