Saturday, April 24, 2010

High School Musical

Steve and I went to Maryville-Pilchuck's annual spring musical last night. 
This year the school put on The Sound of Music.  Some of the "sounds of music" were better than others, but overall it was a nice way to spend an evening.  Congratulations and thank you to the kids who participated.  I went to support Lydia (who is one of my seminary students).  We didn't know until we got there that one of Steve's Scouts was in it also.
The chairs in the auditorium don't get any softer as I get older.


Stephanie said...

Sterling pointed to a nun and said, "there's Grandma!"
Interpret as you will, I thought it was funny.

Emily and Linda said...

Hi Sister west, sorry I wasn't at seminary on the 27th I hope Amber told you why. I also hope you have or had a safe trip. I will miss seeing you!! :) See you when you get back~Emily

jackson said...

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