Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'd like to say we're winding up...

...but that would be a patent falsehood.

I just finished spending about 5 hours (!!!) putting books and DVDs away. I find I'm more than a little OCD about how I put them back. And I'm not done. I wanted to try and tart up the shelves a bit - sort of like this:

bookcase styling
I pinned several bookcases on Pinterest in the hope of making my shelves prettier. This is NOT my bookcase.  I don't have nearly this many knick-knacks and I have WAY more books. (Here is the source)
DIY built in bookcases
Another pretty bookshelf...more books this time, but still a lot of knick-knacks taking up valuable shelf space. (here's the source)
I picked up a couple of storage boxes at Goodwill. The one on the left is holding all my kiddie DVDs, the one on the right has holiday and religious. I plan on putting a basket on the top left shelf. The boxes I just bought have chalkboard on the front, which I'll leave, but I'm trying to decide whether to paint them a) dark gray b)peacock blue c)light gray OR d) white.  Discuss.
Just to the left of the fireplace. 
The very far left.  Mostly books, not much else.

Center left.  I haven't done anything with these shelves yet, I've just put some stuff on them that could possibly go...or not.  I need to take a break from the shelves for a bit, and start fresh. I would love any ideas that anyone else might have...
The giant (8 foot) airplane will probably be hung on the wall right above where it's at...unless anyone has a better plan.

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m_perfect said...

The shelves are looking great! I vote for lt grey on the boxes unless you have a color that would reference the giant airplane. That is the big thing and needs the color tie between the shelves and the art to make it seem "meant". Without seeing the whole thing in proportion that is all the semi pro advice I can give ;)