Monday, September 24, 2012

Doctor Who Week

Yes, I am the nerdy seminary teacher.  I also happen to have at least 3 students this year who are avid Doctor Who fans.

Brilliant! Fantastic!

That's something I can work with.

This is the goal - getting kids to read their scriptures on a daily basis. I laminated this pic and put it up in my classroom.  It makes me smile.

I created 5 stickers - I give out a new one each day.  The R.E.D. at the top of each one stands for Read Every Day.


Heidi said...

The scriptures: They're bigger on the inside.

m_perfect said...

You're cooler than most Seminary teachers...I hope the kids appreciate that.

Debbie said...

just found this... I teach Seminary too... I don't know about the rest of the 20 in my class....but my daughter will LOVE this. Think I will put the poster up quietly one morning and see if she is paying attention....;)