Sunday, July 15, 2012

Deck Fairies

We really wanted to hire my dad to help us build our new deck this summer.  He would have done an awesome job - but since we haven't been able to get that coordinated, we hired Delvin Tapasoa to give us a jump start.

Just a reminder of how it looked a couple of weeks ago - before we left on vacation.

Before we unloaded anything (or more importantly, went to the euphemism), Steve and I dashed out to the back yard to see what the deck fairies had accomplished in our absence.  More than a little fabulousness.
The view from above.  We're adding an under deck drainage system so that the patio under the deck will remain usable during the rainy season.
As an added bonus, the stringers were attached to the frame on the front of the house.  Steve built the frame by himself, and boy howdy, that thing could fly if needed.
There's still a ton to do...not the least of which is to figure out exactly how and where the stupid railings will go...but at least we have something to attach them to when we do.


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A... wait-for-it... mazing!!! SO happy for you that that little bit of stress was taken off your plate.