Tuesday, April 17, 2012

$14.99 + tax

I picked up this vase at Goodwill today.  I picked it up and carried all around the store...all the while I was debating with myself whether or not it might be worth $14.99 (+ tax).  It was filled to the brim with assorted jewelry, and by assorted, I mean just that.  The top was securely taped, so no digging through to check out the merchandise before paying.  I finally talked myself into shelling out over $15 bucks.  Would it be worth it? I'd have to take it home to find out.
If you think of it in terms of raw material, I feel confident that I came out ahead.  There were a ton of necklaces and bracelets - which I plan to cheerfully cannibalize.

Not all the necklaces are going to turn into something beautiful...some are beyond redemption.

This bracelet will be going either in the trash or back to GW. It looks like it was made from vertebrae that were colored with Easter egg dye.

Keychains, tie tacks, pandas and handcuffs round out the haul. These will be sharing the same fate as the backbone bracelet.
 Why did I get all this crap? Because nothing says "Sisters Craft Weekend" like junk from Goodwill.


Keira said...

I'm so excited!!

Tia Harrington said...

After perusing La Walmart for raw materials... I am positive that you have a find.
May the crafting commence!