Sunday, September 4, 2011

On the Road

Here's another little slice of our summer vacation:

There weren't a lot of lodging options in Grand Coulee, Washington - but I have to admit, I was digging the sign for our motel.  The Trail West was nothing fancy - but adequate for a one nighter.

Salmon, Idaho had a few more options - we chose the Sacajawea Inn based on positive TripAdvisor reviews.  It was awesome in a retro/theme room kind of way. As we pulled up in front of the office, I asked Steve if he wanted a slushy...there were 3 people sitting on chairs that reminded me of the characters in Baptists at our Barbecue.  Loved. It. 

Yes, I did say 'theme room'.  We had the 'deer room'.  Can you tell?  Not only did we have a large mural, complete with deer, the lamp next to Danny had deer on it, there were 3 or 4 pictures on the wall with deer, AND the blankets under the bedspreads had deer on them. 
 The Sacajawea Inn was a very friendly place - the manager asked if we would be staying the next night (Saturday) - as they put on a free steak dinner every Saturday.  Sadly we were not. 

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m_perfect said...

I have a mind to request the Deer Suite if I am ever again in Salmon.That and the great breakfast they had tip the tables!