Monday, January 3, 2011

A little help here?

New Year's at our house is often accompanied by the pitter patter of moving furniture.  This year was no different. I was able to coerce Andrew and Nathan into doing the bulk of the heavy lifting (thank you, boys!).  That's fine and all, but I'm left with all the little stuff - and there's a lot of little stuff. A lot.

We are moving Danny upstairs to what was my office - it's smaller than his old room, but closer to actual living, breathing human beings. Right about now I'm second guessing my decision to relocate all of my office, craft and sewing *ahem* junk. I'd like to be done - not have the Herculean task of sorting through  

To quote Douglas Adams, "Hercules, on seeing the room, would probably have returned half an hour later armed with a navigable river.

I could really use a small river to help clear out the last of the *ahem* junk from my ex-office.  Anyone?


BeeGee Babe said...

I'm there for you! I'll just go divert the Nile or Amazon for your personal use.

Keira said...

'navigable river'--oh, that's nice. I'd run up in a heartbeat if I could (I'm de-junking my closets today so I'm looking for an excuse to leave them or, failing that, that river you mentioned...).