Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day

It may not be a lot of snow...but it's enough.

Enough to cancel seminary...and school for Alex (the college is closed).

This is one of those days when Danny wishes he went to a 'brick and mortar' school.  There are no snow days at WAVA. He'll be in good company.  Steve will be working 'virtually' today.  Turned out that his van pool van didn't come equipped with snow chains.  After a nearly two hour commute, he ended up parking it about a mile away from our house.  He could drive it in to work today - but since none of his riders will be going, he'll be logging on to work from here.


AM Runner CA said...

Horrific spelling error in the last post. The pic makes me want to make cinnamon rolls and Mexican hot chocolate, cuddle up with a book and not move until SPRING!

Betty Debbie said...

It's a cruel contrast to Hawaii...as Aunt Sheila reminded me this morning.