Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friday, 9:20am.

We've had Andrew's flight information for months now...months.  And now it comes down to days.  Days that you can count on one hand.  Barely enough time to make a "Welcome Home Andrew" poster or two. Somewhere or other, I'm pretty sure I have the one we made for Nathan...I could totally use it in a pinch.


AM Runner CA said...

Tick, tick, tick. It seems to have gone so fast! I just can't believe he has been gone for 2 whole years. I sure don't feel 2 yrs older, do you?

m_perfect said...

Gee I thought he was home already ;)

T Harrington said...

In a pinch you could use the same picture (lol). I'm pretty sure the parents did that with some of my baby pics.